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What Makes Our Rustic Family Name Signs So Special?

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In this post I'm going to show  you what makes our rustic family sign so unique and why customers from all over the globe come to Jetmak Designs to get a handmade rustic family established sign.

The rustic family name sign is our most popular sign here at Jetmak Designs. We make it in a wide variety of colors, fonts and styles. Some rustic signs have less and some more distress than others, but the fabrication process typically stays the same. Every aspect of this sign is handmade, with the exception of the vinyl cutting which is done on a vinyl machine.

How We Make Our Rustic Family Established Signs

There is no easy method to making a high quality rustic family sign. The very first step of the process begins on a desktop computer. When a customer's order comes in, we immediately begin designing the sign, using their information.


Once the art is created for the customer, we send the art to get cut on our vinyl plotter...

This creates a mask, which we than apply to the sign. This is what gives the sign lettering the nice crispy clean edges...

Once the vinyl is complete, we get started on the wooden board, using a nice solid piece of pine wood. Choosing the right wood for the sign is essential and we want to make sure it is free from major defects like holes, huge knots, major scratches, etc. Also have to make sure the wood is not warped, because that will be a problem.


Sanding the wood to make it nice and smooth...

This is where the real fun begins!...I mean who doesn't like to paint? Here we are giving the wood the base color which give the sign the distress or rustic effect in the sanding stages of the process...

This is the aqua green that the customer selected for this sign...

The hand sanding is critical to achieving the right distressed look and feel in every sign we make. We want to make sure the look meets and exceeds the customer's expectations with every piece that ships out. I love sanding! and it's one of the funnest steps of the process. But more importantly, what gives our rustic family signs the uniqueness of Jetmak Design and honestly what makes us stand out from our competition.

Once the sign has the right look, we begin painting the letters on the sign. This is also an important step, that gives our rustic signs the rustic look...

By now the sign is painted and lettered. It's now time to give it the final, finishing touch! The clear coat. We use a satin clear finish which protects the wood and enhances the colors...

More Rustic Samples of Family Established Signs

Our family established signs make great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, bridal showers gifts, or if you simply just wanting to add a meaning family decor piece to your own home. They come in a bunch of colors and styles. Check out the samples below or just head over to our Rustic Family Name section for more rustic signs like these.


Rustic Family Last name Sign - FSW003

Jetmak Designsfrom $ 55.00

Rustic Family Established Sign - FSW004

Jetmak Designsfrom $ 55.00

Rustic Family Established Sign - FSW005

Jetmak Designsfrom $ 55.00

Rustic Family Established Sign - FSW008

Jetmak Designsfrom $ 55.00

Custom Family Last Name Sign & Established Date with Rustic Embellishment Design - FSW019

Jetmak Designsfrom $ 55.00

Rustic Last Name Wood Sign & Established Date with Light Distress - FSW020

Jetmak Designsfrom $ 55.00

For More Family Signs click here

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