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What Inspired the Rustic Paint Techniques of Jetmak Designs?

Cesar Torres diy inspiration rustic

Well, I've been an artist for a long time, but As much as I'd like to take all the credit for the painting techniques, the truth is, it did not come entirely from me. Living by the beach in Southern California you get to see a lot of cool stuff on signs, furniture, and beach style decor. But it wasn't until I watched a video from James over at BeachBumLin', that it hit me and got my attention. I guess I'd never seen the process in action before. 

His style inspired me. I watched this video here:   and I thought "hmmm, I like this!" So one day while walking around in my neighborhood I found this: and old, ugly table stand out on the curbside.

so I decided to use it as an experiment, grabbed a bunch of oops paints from Home Depot and I started painting, overlapping one color on top of another and so forth! just like James does it in his beach color techniques and I finally ended up with this...

It was a very crappy paint job, but it didn't matter. The exciting part was soon to come.

So after I started hand sanding the stand, it began to take a life of it's own! it was truly amazing! I couldn't believe how great it was coming out! And so the rustic look was being awaken within me :) 

So grateful for people like James, that choose to inspire other artist. This technique is now being used on my rustic wood signs and each one always comes out special and unique, becasue not one is ever excatly alike and I love that! and my customers do too!

Here Are Some Pics of the Finished Rustic Table Stand...

I know it's a little different than most people's taste in color, but it's got the real beachy rustic distressed look and feel that I absolutely love! What do you think? do you like the style? Does it inspire you? Let me know in the comments section below. Would love to hear thoughts.


Thanks for reading!



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