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What Inspired the Rustic Paint Techniques of Jetmak Designs?

Cesar Torres diy inspiration rustic

rustic table projectIn this post I reveal my inspiration for the rustic look and feel of my family signs and show pictures of my first rustic painting technique experiment.

As much as I'd like to take all the credit for the painting techniques, the truth is, it did not come entirely from me. Living by the beach in Southern California you get to see a lot of cool stuff on signs... Keep reading

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What Makes Our Rustic Family Name Signs So Special?

Cesar Torres established family established signs family signs rustic rustic signs

In this post I'm going to show  you what makes our rustic family sign so unique and why customers from all over the globe come to Jetmak Designs to get a handmade rustic family established sign. 

The rustic family name sign is our most popular sign here at Jetmak Designs. We make it in a wide variety of colors, fonts and styles... Keep Reading

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