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personalized canvas word art

Hand Painted Family Canvas Art with Your Own Words - 16x20 White and Orange

$ 225.00

The look in your loved one's face when they're reminded of that special day, those memorable moments or events in your life that you hold dear in your heart. It's that feeling of being able to relive your past moments. Think about your first born, your children, their first spoken words, that beautiful honeymoon to the Bahamas or the way you felt when you married the love of your life. 

Our personalized word canvas art does just that, It allows you to share the things that are special in your life, and display them as a beautiful work of art in your home. It's a piece that will bring years of enjoyment. Each word, date or phrase can be arranged in the perfect word collage that will decorate your family wall for years to come.

• Perfect for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and for nearly any occasion
• Hand painted onto a nice thick 16x20 professionally stretched canvas frame

How to Order:
Put a list together of all your memories including: words, quotes, places, names, birth dates, wedding dates etc. and select the most important ones. A 16x20 canvas frames fits approximately 25-35 items. 

So, if you're ready to personalize your wall space, then we are ready to design your next custom canvas art!


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